Bianca Brackenridge
Our owner

What started as a hobby, selling 1300 polo shirts in the first 12 weeks, BRACKS Indigenous Clothing is now a small local business located in Townsville Queensland which has been

operating for the past 8 years as a home-based business. Through the murri grapevine BRACKS Indigenous Clothing has reached many buyers without the need for advertising, marketing or a permanent business structure and was established as a registered business in May 2015.

BRACKS label became very quickly recognised and well-known in high demand for their modern indigenised designs, combined with vibrant bright colours, are main reason why BRACKS is so unique and distinctive. BRACKS Indigenous Clothing uniqueness is celebrating three cultures - Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander.

I am a very proud Aboriginal and South Sea Islander decent woman who holds a fulltime job at the Townsville University Hospital in Palliative Care Unit, while also being a very proud

owner, designer and supplier of BRACKS. Indigenous Clothing. My vision is “to inspire, to embrace and to deliver”, the best manufacturing company of Aboriginal, Torres Srait and South Sea Islander designed clothing worldwide. I am also very passionate about people and my culture and strongly believe in keeping culture alive and vibrant for future generations. Great customer service is the lifeblood of my business, striving to be the best I can be. In everything I do is with love, passion, commitment and wearing my heart on my

sleeve. BRACKS Indigenous Clothing partnerships with suppliers and customers are at the heart of everything I do. Giving back not just to my local community but expanding and

working inclusively with the greater community.

BRACKS believes in 'Keeping it simple',  

Getting the right results', 'Getting it done' and 'Delivering promises on time'.